SAA Announces Spring All-Sportsmanship Team

SAA Announces Spring All-Sportsmanship Team

The SAA announced its spring all-sportsmanship team yesterday, which features one member from each team competing in an SAA-sponsored sport.

The Stormy Petrels on the 2013 SAA Spring All-Sportsmanship Team include senior Cory Leff from the baseball team, sophomore Will Morrow from the men's golf team, sophomore Erin McPhee from the women's golf team, sophomore Jake Godwin from the men's lacrosse team, freshman Sydney Sparks from the women's lacrosse team, freshman Briton Richardson from the men's tennis team, freshman Charlsie Johnson from the women's tennis team, sophomore Michael Caneega from the men's track and field team, and sophomore Katy Galli from the women's track and field team.

The team emphasizes good sportsmanship and fair play among all competitors.

For a full list of student-athletes on the spring all-sportsmanship team, click here.