From the Desk of the AD

From the Desk of the AD

February 2013

Now as we are transitioning into our spring season here at Oglethorpe, please allow me to share with you our next installment of “From the Desk of the AD.” 

Since we last touched base in November, a lot has happened.  We successfully wrapped up our fall season, and now are very close to doing the same with the winter season.  Seasons ending not as expected are great motivators in moving forward in our quest to improve the overall athletic product and this department.  The men’s and women’s basketball teams are competing now for the final push into the seeding for the inaugural SAA basketball tournament coming up next weekend.  Good luck to both teams!

Around campus, we finally saw the turf field installed and it’s very green!  That was both an exciting time and a time of concern for us.  As we were wrapping up a tremendous JEO scholarship weekend where our best and brightest were on campus, we had a small crisis erupt.  A propane tank exploded on the turf field at the location where things were going to wrap up.  Thankfully, no one was injured, and our ability to handle that crisis was a true testament of who we are at Oglethorpe, and how quickly we acted and communicated what was happening to campus.  We were stellar in that situation!  Way to go OU!!!

We are currently undergoing a national search for our next volleyball coach, our interim director of sports information is now our director, changes are happening all around us.  We are embracing those as we are attempting to move forward in our quest for athletic excellence.

Today we celebrated Oglethorpe Day, and it was good.  The Petrels of Fire race did not see a true champion named, we were able to hear our university president speak to us about getting other college and university president’s to speak out more, we had contests, a parade, I heard our fight song and alma mater played and sung today.  It truly was OUr day! 

Looking ahead a bit, we are about to embark on the first-ever Oglethorpe women’s lacrosse season!  The time has finally arrived where our newest program will take the field and showcase their talents.   This begins for us on Wednesday, February 20 at 5:30 p.m. on our turf field.  How exciting it is to begin a new season, but in this case a brand new program!  Our spring seasons are beginning this weekend as baseball is on the road, and the lacrosse teams open up at home mid-week.  As for our track and field teams, they start the outdoor portion of their schedule soon.  They had a remarkable indoor season, setting five school records!  The final two teams for the spring, our defending national championship men’s golf and our women’s golf teams start hitting the links in two weeks.  So as you can see at Oglethorpe, spring is in full bloom!

Finally, we celebrated National Girls and Women in Sport Day for the first time on our campus.  Please read the blog that was written by members of the university communications team, Pegasus, available on the university home page.  It was a fun filled day of learning new sports. 

Coming up for us will be our unveiling of our Stormy Petrels Booster Club, the first annual SAAC Awards Banquet (the ESPY’s of Oglethorpe), and the end of my first year.  What a year it has been.

Oglethorpe is truly an amazing place, and I am so thankful everyday for this opportunity to be on this campus.  We have a great group of scholar-athletes, coaches, staff, and faculty that really make us remarkable.  I am so very proud to call Oglethorpe my home.  Thank you for your support thus far, and in the future as we call upon you.  Let us continue to: Make a life.  Make a living.  Make a difference.

Until next time, take care; be kind to each other, and LET’S GET STORMY!!!

Becky Hall

Director of Athletics