Oglethorpe Athletics is Proud to Introduce the GA2MES Plan

Oglethorpe Athletics is Proud to Introduce the GA2MES Plan

The Oglethorpe University Athletic Department is proud to introduce the GA2MES Plan. GA2MES is an acronym for Global/National Experience, Academic Success, Athletic Success, Mentoring, Engagement and Sportsmanship, and the plan incorporates all six of these goals in a way which fosters growth and involvement between athletics and other parts of campus.

The 16 Oglethorpe athletics teams will all take part in a global and/or national experience, with the squads having the opportunity to compete in out-of-region competitions, international travel and study-abroad programs. Each of these trips will put a focus on multicultural experiences, which will give the student-athletes the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.

Academic success will also be a key goal for the 16 Oglethorpe athletic teams. They will be expected to use the considerable tools provided to them on the Oglethorpe campus, including the A_LAB (Atlanta Laboratory for Learning), the Academic Success Center and Career Services, as well as athletic study tables, tutors and faculty office hours. Academic success will be a key goal of the program.

Athletic success will be an important goal, as well. The teams will put a strong emphasis on achievements on the field-of-play, focusing on recruiting and retention, a team atmosphere amongst the individual teams and the athletic department as a whole, and on-campus pride for Oglethorpe athletics teams.

Faculty will be an important part in all aspects of the GA2MES Plan, as well, but particularly in mentoring, the fourth part of the plan. All teams have a faculty mentor. That faculty member will provide support to the team both academically and on gameday. In addition, the mentors will have the opportunity to actively participate with their teams, including being involved in team functions and potentially going on select road trips with the teams.

All Oglethorpe athletics teams will also put a strong emphasis on engagement. All 16 squads will take part in a meaningful community service project. Community service is a big aspect of being a part of the Oglethorpe athletics community, as well as the Oglethorpe community as a whole. The engagement part of the GA2MES Plan will give teams the opportunity to demonstrate that while giving Oglethorpe student-athletes the positive experience of helping out in the community.

Finally, the GA2MES Plan puts a strong focus on sportsmanship, as well. The Oglethorpe athletic department seeks to provide a positive experience for its teams and visiting teams, placing an emphasis on cheering for Oglethorpe and not against opponents, as well as adhering to the NCAA’s "Be Loud. Be Proud. Be Positive." initiative.