Men Find Success on Road, Grab Two Weekend Wins

Men Find Success on Road, Grab Two Weekend Wins

The men's tennis team got their first two victories of the season this weekend by topping Huntingdon College and Maryville College on the road on successive days. With that momentum, the Petrels are now set to square off with conference rival Sewanee on March 2.

The men grabbed their first win of the season on Saturday by stopping Huntingdon in Montgomery, Ala., 8-1. The only point the Hawks were able to claim came via a narrow 9-7 win at No. 2 doubles where Oglethorpe's duo of Benjamin Hirsch and Craig Borne were nipped. The No. 1 and 3 duos of Rajiv Dinakaran and Kirk Zhao and Ethan Motz and Chris Noonburg, respectively, triumphed by the score of 9-8 (5) and 8-4.

After the doubles scare, Oglethorpe regrouped to sweep through the singles competition, winning all but one match in straight sets. Complete Huntingdon match results included below.

The men had an even easier go of it on Sunday when they travelled to Maryville College and swept through the Scots 9-0. Oglethorpe won each of the singles matches in straight sets and only dropped three games total in dominating the doubles competition as well. Complete results of Oglethorpe's victory over Maryville are listed beneath the Huntingdon scores.

The road victories level the men's record at 2-2 on the season as the Petrels get set to travek to face rival Sewanee on March 2.

Oglethorpe-Huntingdon results:

#1 Singles  Ethan Motz  Tyler Creamer  Oglethorpe University  6-2,6-1
 #2 Singles  Benjamin Hirsch  Sean Jackson  Oglethorpe University  1-6,6-3,7-6 (5)
 #3 Singles  Kirk Zhao  Zac Baldwin  Oglethorpe University  6-4,6-1
 #4 Singles  Rajiv Dinakaran  Lee Howell  Oglethorpe University  6-3,6-0
 #5 Singles  Cedric Andre  Tyler Chaffee  Oglethorpe University  6-4,6-3
 #6 Singles  Craig Borne  Larry Pritchett  Oglethorpe University  7-5,6-2
 #1 Doubles  Rajiv Dinakaran
 Kirk Zhao
 Sean Jackson
 Zac Baldwin
 Oglethorpe University  9-8 (5)
 #2 Doubles  Benjamin Hirsch
 Craig Borne
 Tyler Creamer
 Lee Howell
 Huntingdon College (Ala.)  9-7
 #3 Doubles  Ethan Motz
 Chris Noonburg
 Larry Pritchett
 Tyler Chaffee
 Oglethorpe University



Oglethorpe-Maryville results:

#1 Singles  Ethan Motz  Zach Clark  Oglethorpe University  6-0,6-1
 #2 Singles  Benjamin Hirsch  Jimmy Fulton  Oglethorpe University  6-2,6-2
 #3 Singles  Kirk Zhao  Tyler Odle  Oglethorpe University  6-0, 6-0
 #4 Singles  Joshua Rosenberg  Jordan keller  Oglethorpe University  6-1, 6-0
 #5 Singles  Craig Borne  Austin Canfield  Oglethorpe University  6-0,6-1
 #6 Singles      Never Scheduled (Incomplete Lineup)  
 #1 Doubles  Rajiv Dinakaran
 Kirk Zhao
 Jimmy Fulton
 Zach Clark
 Oglethorpe University  8-3
 #2 Doubles  Benjamin Hirsch
 Craig Borne
 Jordan keller
 Tyler Odle
 Oglethorpe University  8-0
 #3 Doubles  
 Never Scheduled (Incomplete Lineup)